Vintage Vehicles

The Vintage Vehicles and stationery engines are a staple of Stanhope Show. Held each Sunday of show weekend 2018 saw a great turnout of fabulous vintage and classic cars. To visit this Section is to enter a world of steam and highly polished brass, of passion from experts and enthusiasts in overalls.

Stanhope Vintage Cars

Vintage Tractors & Steam Engines

Most will need no urging to fit this into a visit, but for those who have yet to experience the unique atmosphere, be sure to have a look

The vehicles and machines here today may for some no more than curiosities, but for many they are a link to a past that at times can seem like a dream. Here are stationary engines, once used to drive binders and threshing machines; you might find a truck with the sign written by hand in real gold leaf; and try and make time for those wonderful old Tractors, each with its distinctive shape - not to mention noise.

Tractor Heaven

The vintage tractors are mostly post-war tough little machines for rough local Pennine terrain, including Nuffield and Ferguson, some still working, some toys for boys, all with their little quirks and usually in various states of restoration.

You can enter and exhibit your Tractors, Steamers, Commercials, & Stationary Engines in the Show and take part in the parade in the main ring. Please make sure you have the right insurance cover if you are exhibiting.


Please contact:

Section Secretary:  Mr L. Lee Johnson Tel: 07773 586003  for stationary engines, tractors and industrial or agricultural engines.  We welcome all but please do let us know if you wish to exhibit.

For vintage & classic cars: In 2019 the Northern Bygones Society is managing our vintage and classic car display and they can be contacted by phoning 01325 312183 or contacting them via their website here or follow them on Facebook here. 


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