Terrier & Lurchers

Stanhope Show is pleased to offer a wide range of terrier and lurcher classes and field events. These activities are great fun, and a fantastic way to meet other enthusiasts.

This year we will be providing terrier and lurcher competitors ringside parking closer to the showing and field events, in addition to the toilet and catering facilities that make the event comfortable for competitors and visitors alike.

Terrier Show

Prize Money for all classes 1st - £3, 2nd - £2, 3rd - £1 plus Rosettes. Entrance Fee £1-00 per entry.
Trophy Champion plus £25-00. Reserve Champion plus £15-00.
Trophies to be held for one year

Entries taken on the Show Field from 12 noon. Judging 1pm

1a. Child Handler Class
1. Lakeland Dog.
2. Lakeland Bitch.
3. Border Dog.
4. Border Bitch.
5. Patterdale Dog
6. Patterdale Bitch
7. Jack Russell Rough Dog.
8. Jack Russell Rough Bitch.
9. Jack Russell Smooth Dog.
10. Jack Russell Smooth Bitch.
11. Under 12” Terrier Dog.
12. Under 12” Terrier Bitch.
10. Crossbred Dog.
11. Crossbred Bitch.
12. Bedlington Dog or Bitch
13. Couples.
15. Veterans, Over 7.
16. Puppy ( Rough or Smooth ) Under 12 months.

Champion Terrier

Lurcher Classes
Prize Money for all classes 1st - £3, 2nd - £2, 3rd - £1 plus Rosettes
Entrance Fee £1-00 per entry. Entries taken on the Show Field from 12 noon. Judging 1pm
Champion £25.00 RESERVE £15.00 BEST PUP £15.00, RESERVE PUP £5-00.

1. Child Handler
2. Dog Puppy Under 12 Months
3. Bitch Puppy Under 12 Months

Lurcher over 12 months

Under 23 inch
4. Rough Dog
5. Rough Bitch
6. Smooth Dog
7. Smooth Bitch
Over 23 inch
8. Rough Dog
9. Rough Bitch
10. Smooth Dog
11. Smooth Bitch
12. Bull Cross Dog
13. Bull Cross Bitch
14. Whippet Dog or Bitch
15. Long Dog & Saluki Cross
16. Rabbit Class
17. Veteran Lurcher (7 years or over).
18. Best Pair of Lurchers
Champion Lurcher Classes 1, 2, 3, & 17 are not eligible for the Championship.

Classes may be amalgamated

Section Secretary:  Mr Ryan Dent  Tel:  07825 293186

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