Fur & Feather Section

Our Fur and Feather Secretaries preside over a busy and crowded section.  No-one visiting the Fur and Feather tent could fail to be amazed by the sheer variety of birds, rabbits and cavies on display, and the dedication of their breeders to their welfare.

Take a look at our Egg classes too.  The judges deserve a prize, let alone the exhibitors!

A big thank you to all the new sponsors, who have kindly taken an interest in this year’s, Fur and Feather section of Stanhope Show.

Small Livestock- Section Secretaries: 
Feather Mr D. Richardson  Tel: 07879 990467

Rabbits: C. Mitcheson Tel: 07763 345378

Cavies: Mr R. Wearmouth  Tel: 01740 652039


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