The 172nd Stanhope Show - Truly not to be missed!


The 2013 show will be a celebration of agriculture and country life, packed with entertainment for everyone.
The Main Ring is the hub of the Show and provides a wonderful setting for an exciting line up of activities.
This year’s event programme brings many features, so no matter what the weather you will have a great day out for the entire family.

The Main Ring is the hub of the Show - providing a wonderful setting for an exciting line up of activities.

New for 2013: Terrier & Lurcher Show. Squibb Freestyle Stunt Show. The return of The Shetland Pony Grand National.

And of course not forgetting: the Horse & Agricultural Sections, Horticultural Marquee, Vintage Tractors, Grand Parade, Live Band, Catering & Beer Tent, Rural Crafts, Shopping and much more.


8.00am Showground open to Exhibitors
9.00am Showground open to Public
Judging: Sport Horse Breeding followed by Ridden Hunters
9.15am Judging Welsh Ponies
9.30am British Showjumping & Dog Obedience
10.00am Judging: Sheep & all the Marquees
Judging: Donkeys
10.30am Judging: Beef Cattle
12.00 noon Opening of Marquees - Industrial  and Small Livestock
12.30 noon Ridgeside Falconary Display
1.15pm Squibb Freestyle Stunt Show
2.00pm Grand Parade
2.30pm Squibb Freestyle Stunt Show
3.00pm Ridgeside Falconary Display
3.30pm Open Sulky Racing

During the day: Kennel Club Open Obedience Show, The Crazy Bears
Music from Stanhope Silver Band


8.00am Showground opens
9.15am Judging: Coloured Horse, Ponies & Dales Ponies
9.30am Judging: Side Saddle
9.45am Judging: Clydesdales
10.00am Dog Agility Tests
Judging: Dales Ponies
10.45am Judging: Heavy Hourse Turnout & Horse and Pony Driving
12.00 noon Horticultural Marquee Open
12.30pm Gymkhana
1.00pm Judging of Lurchers & Terriers
1.00pm The Shetland Pony Grand National
1.00pm Judging of Lurchers & Terriers
1.30pm Cumberland Wrestling
2.00pm Grand Parade
2.30pm Elaine Hill Sheepdog Display
3.00pm The Shetland Pony Grand National
3.30pm Elaine Hill Sheepdog Display
4.00pm Wife Carrying Competition

During the day: Show Kennel Club All Breed Show
Vintage Tractors, Music throughout the day by 3tones
Live Band in the Beer Tent from 5pm.
The Crazy Bears Roadshow.

All programme times are approximate and events are subject to change.